Media Relations Intern

 [Communications (Journalism, Broadcasting, Public Relations) majors and Sports Management]

(3 positions)(all day) 

The Media Relations Interns will be responsible for developing, editing and creating advertising copy for radio and print ads, and writing post-game and other press releases. One intern will serve as the play-by-play broadcaster (using Ustream) and scoreboard operator for each game, while the other intern will serve as the official statistician (using Pointstreak) and a third position of PA announcer. The statistician and PA intern will also be in charge of post-game interviews (interview to take place immediately following the game). The two interns will rotate between one another in interviewing or filming the post-game interview. The intern filming will need to report to the office at 8:30 the following morning and edit the video (video must be up no later than 10am on Youtube and social media sites). These interns will also help manage the Cane Cutters website and other internet sites and gain experience in interviewing players, coaches, sponsors and others. Interns will be offered the opportunity to travel with the team for certain away games if desired.  Excellent verbal and written communications skills are a must, as well as strong knowledge of baseball.  Experience with the Adobe Creative Suite or Photoshop Element is a plus.