Spring 2019 Internships

Sales and Marketing Interns

(Marketing and Sports Management)(2 positions - part time)

The sales intern will help build lasting relationships with local sponsors, businesses and fans.  Office responsibilities will include creating proposals, prospecting potential sponsors, executing sponsor elements, documenting fulfillment, and developing recaps elements.  These interns will gain experience in areas such as season ticket sales, group sales, and sponsorship.  They will also assist staff in developing promotional ideas and marketing collateral, and assist in promotional events that the Cane Cutters promote or participate in, including visiting youth sports games, various community fundraising events, etc.  They will also support the General Manager and staff in working with our community partners as we plan which groups we will have fundraisers with during the season, and help provide marketing support for those groups as needed.

Public Relations and Communications Intern


(Communications/Journalism/PR/Sports Management) (1 position - part time) 


The PR intern will draft press releases as the Cane Cutter roster is released for players joining the team.  They will also assist with the social media campaigns in this pre-season period.  This position will be closely involved in setting up the anticipation for the 2019 Cane Cutter season, and may assist in some marketing capacities as well.